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Red Ochre Retaining: Building strong, lasting retaining walls for any project.

We blend expertise in engineering with craftsmanship to create solutions that are functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Concrete sleepers, precast panels, rock walls - we offer a variety of options to meet your needs. Find strength and lasting value with Red Ochre's retaining walls in Adelaide.

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Engineering Expertise

Our team of experts specialises in large-scale, engineer-certified retaining walls. We prioritise structural integrity and ensure that every project meets rigorous engineering standards.

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Tailored Solutions

We assess your project requirements to find the solution that’s best suited to your needs. Our design versatility and concrete sleeper options allow us to create functional and appealing retaining walls.

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Attention to Detail

We believe in the power of detail. From materials to construction, we're committed to delivering flawless results that reflect our dedication to quality.

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Built to last

We use durable material, focus on structural integrity and follow rigorous standards with every project, big or small. Partner with us to get the best, long lasting retaining walls in Adelaide.

Our Retaining Wall Services

Versatile Concrete Sleeper Walls:

Built to endure, our concrete sleeper walls go beyond retaining soil. They ensure the long-term stability of your slopes and maximise usable space. Explore a range of sizes and textures to complement your vision, and create functional, durable structures that stand the test of time. Choose us and build with confidence, knowing your project rests on a foundation of strength and longevity.

Precast Panels:

We specialise in the construction of precast panels, providing effective solutions for sound reduction and privacy. Our panels are engineered for both function and form, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic while effectively mitigating noise disturbances. Trust us to create spaces that balance acoustic performance with architectural finesse.

Rock Walls:

We construct rock walls that withstand the elements, ensuring durability and longevity. We utilise natural rock to secure slopes and prevent erosion effectively. Through meticulous construction techniques, we ensure that our walls are built for long-term stability and optimal performance. Choose us for rock walls that combine strength, functionality, and lasting value.

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Red Ochre have been absolutely incredible to work with! I was told by 3 separate companies they couldn't do my retaining due to my block being too narrow to fit machinery and would require man power (and therefore lots of money). But Red Ochre had no problem completing the job. Incredibly priced and amazing quality of both the retaining and fencing. We weren't waiting weeks for the job to be completed and they provided a quote very quickly. 10/10 would recommend them and would happily do business with them again in the future!


Couldn't have been happier with Dave and his crew and the retaining wall they put in at our grannie flat conversion. Dave was great to deal with and they did exactly as they said they would when they would. Not much else you could ask for. Highly recommend


The guys at Red Ochre Retaining have out done themselves with the quality, reliability and skill on all our retaining walls. Our block threw the guys many challenges from weather, slope, access and muddy conditions. Throughout all of these conditions the boys didn't once give in and delivered, bringing our vision to life within our block!

We would highly recommend Red Ochre Retaining for any of your retaining wall needs. Friendly, honest and open communication throughout the experience. Thanks guys!

Elyse & Chris

Dave and the Team from Red Ochre were outstanding.

First inspection was thorough, with Dave providing some excellent ideas which have provided a big improvement over what we had imagined from the outset. And providing a high-quality finish.

The works required intrusion into neighbouring properties on 2 sides. “A risky place to go when you are meeting your new neighbours for the first-time!” But the professional, friendly, and courteous approach by the Red Ochre team was a great bonus and the works were carried out without fuss and to everyone’satisfaction.

Pricing was very competitive with the bonus that we ended up with a high-quality finish, completed on time and no fuss. We thoroughly recommend Dave and the Red Ochre Retaining team. A great Team to deal with.

Gerry & Liz Branigan – Ridgehaven

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